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Why spend the time and money to mount nylon or cloth windsocks that quickly wear out?

We manufacture the Next Generation Windsock that will stand up to years of use. These have been successfully used in petrochemical facilities where nylon and cloth don’t stand up. Our Windsock will be there to guide you when others fail. Made of .040 Aluminum sheet metal, it is 36-inches long with a twelve-inch opening on one end and a four-inch opening on the other end.

This sturdy windsock is mounted on a machined steel swivel with sealed bearings. The steel swivel is bolted to the windsock with four stainless steel bolts which are bolted into quarter inch steel plate welded to a three-quarter inch rod with sealed bearings housed in a two-inch schedule eighty pipe twelve inches long. This windsock is painted inside and out with epoxy based bright Safety Orange paint.   

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